Alstom GECOSTAT AVR Products by GE Power Conversion

Alstom GECOSTAT & MICROTECH Products can be Purchased from GE Power Conversion.
(And Many Other Units)

GE Energy Power Conversion Hotline Technical Support +33 1 77 31 23 23

GE Energy Power Conversion GECOSTAT

Prevoiusly sold under the legacy manufacturer names:-

GEC Industrial Controls Ltd.
GEC Alsthom Large Machines Limited.
GEC Alsthom Vacuum Equipment Limited.
GEC Alsthom.

These include popular units like - DX21-M3 (DX21-M2), C10/120-M2, MC15-M2, FV200-M2, FV223-M2, LC110-M2, FF100-M1 & FYP54-A1.

All of these units and more can be repaired and fully functionally tested by Rugby Electronics .