DSR-1 Series Rotary Optical Incremental Encoder (BD2510B mounted)

DSR-1 Series Encoder Mounted on BD2510B Tachogenerator

Robust Industrial Rotary Optical Encoder.

DSR-1 incremental encoder is designed specifically for mounting on BD2510B Tachogenerator. We can supply this unit pre-mounted to a BD2510B.  We can also supply a kit version (fitting instructions included) that can be fitted to your existing BD2510B units.

Pulse rates upto 220 P.P.R. (pulses per revolution). 2 channel quadrature, plus 1 P.P.R. marker channel.

IP54 sealed unit & sealed terminal block for electrical wiring connections.

Rugby Electronics DSR-1 Series Installation & Maintenance PDF Installation  & Maintenance

Rugby Electronics DSR-1 Series Specification PDF Specification

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